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Maryland Real Estate Classes

Getting licensed as a Maryland real estate agent has never been easier!

Getting licensed as a Maryland real estate agent has never been easier, thanks to Long & Foster’s new online Maryland real estate class. This interactive course fits with your lifestyle, saving you the time and hassle normally associated with a traditional, classroom-based approach. Students have 90 days from the date of purchase to complete the Maryland real estate class online material AND take the final proctored exam in person at one of our training centers. To get started you must complete the MD Online Application, all the instructions are included within the package. (*note – you will need a copy of your high school, college or GED diploma. Transcripts are also acceptable.) Once your application has been approved, you are ready to start your class!

Do you have questions? Email Linda McCartney at

The wide range of topics covered in this comprehensive Maryland real estate class includes the following:
  • Broad topical coverage in 38 units that ensures you get a comprehensive review of pre-licensing material and are fully prepared for the exam
  • Separate units covering Maryland–related material so you will learn the specifics of Maryland real estate practice and the differences between real estate laws and practice inside and outside of Maryland
  • The latest information on Maryland license laws, residential mortgage defaults, and foreclosures
  • Sample forms to familiarize you with key paperwork used by licensees, including sales contracts, listing agreements, buyer representation agreements, lead paint forms, and the Residential Property Disclosure Statement
  • Figures, tables, and examples throughout each unit to help reinforce content comprehension and retention
  • Important key terms highlighted at the beginning of each unit
  • At-a-glance Maryland license law changes
  • Interactive exercises in each unit to keep you focused and increase material retention
  • Unit exams that test subject mastery and identify topics requiring additional review

Students must achieve a 90% on the unit exam given at the end of each section to move to the next one. A final online exam must be passed in order to complete the online class. After your online final a proctored final exam is then given in person at one of Long & Foster training centers by appointment. The online classwork AND the proctored final exam must be completed within the 90 day timeframe.

Upon the successful completion of the online Maryland real estate class and the proctored final exam, students will receive a Certificate of Completion along with the test results and an application to take the State Licensing Exam. That’s right! Just three months from beginning this specially designed, self-paced course, you could be a licensed Maryland real estate agent, ready to begin your new career!

Ready to start?

Download the MD Online Application, all the instructions are included within the package. (*note – you will need a copy of your high school, college or GED diploma. Transcripts are also acceptable.)

The course fee is $243.00 which includes your registration fee. Full payment is required to take the class; Visa, MasterCard and Discover are accepted.

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